The Next Level, a workshop for business owners and their businesses.

4th June, St David’d Hotel, Ewloe CH5 3YB

A workshop for business owners who wish to take both their business and themselves to the "Next Level". Learn how to ensure that your business expansion is designed for success and how to create greater mental toughness so you can achieve your success in a sustainable way. A workshop presented by The Integral Business Centre and Kogan Coaching. June 4th at St David’d Hotel, Ewloe., CH5 3YB.

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deep change  SQ21 Certification

A certification course for Coaches

London Sept 23rd to 25th 2015

A certification class taught by Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of Deep Change in the administration of the SQ21 inventory which measures 21 different competencies in Spiritual Intelligence. This is an important course for any Executive or Life coach who wishes to use Spiritual Intelligence as part of their portfolio of skills. As leadership models develop it becomes increasingly clear that Emotional Intelligence is essential for Leadership models to be effective. With Spiritual Intelligence they are unstoppable. Spiritual Intelligence is our ability to stay aligned with values and to do what needs to be done when the going gets tough.

If we explore the traits we most admire in inspirational leaders it is their calm and ability to resist allowing their ego to take charge. Spiritual Intelligence SQ21 is a way of measuring our ability to stay centred and focused under all circumstances.

The Integral Life Centre is proud to support Deep Change in Europe.

Come and join the increasing number of professional coaches who are now seeing this as an essential part of modern leadership mentoring.

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Cindy Wigglesworth.

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