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About us The Integral Life Centre provides support for individuals and teams navigating personal growth. This may include an understanding of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence or simply how to manage stress and stay focused on life goals.

The human mind is capable of supporting us in far greater achievements than we often allow it to. We are simply our own barrier to achievement, happiness  and well- being. Well-being is far more than an absence of illness.  It is feeling alive, purposeful and supported.

The Integral Life Centre has been established for over ten years to support people navigate what might be possible; for themselves and for others.  We explore models of human development and offer training for coaches, trainers and others who wish to explore some of the most interesting developments when we allow ourselves to step out of the way.

We can offer additional resources of Business Growth through our Integral Business Centre and we will offer an on-line business academy Digital-Ed (Available May 2015).

Team Support

We provide support for teams of all sizes in all sectors who wish to explore how ideas such as Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence or Integral Thinking might influence the culture of their organisation. Leadership without Emotional Intelligence is meaningless;

Leadership with EQ is unstoppable.

Workshops & On-Line Courses

We run workshops on subjects from Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Effective Communications through to Meditation and Mindfulness. We provide coach and trainer training for Spiral Dynamics, Integral Thinking and Spiritual Intelligence.We are on-line at (From May 2015)

Personal Coaching

We offer a personal coaching service where people can be supported through major life changes and career decisions. We have a number of packages available to help people who wish to take charge of their own lives and live the life they have imagined. We have helped people change their lives for the price of changing a car.

In 2014 the Integral Life Centre won the Rachel Elnaugh award for Enterprise. This was presented by Saira Khan in recognition for our work developing our on-line digital platform.