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Integral Business Centre: Drive your business to the Next Level. Support for businesses at all stages of development.

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For Business Owners: “The Next Level” Workshop

A workshop delivered jointly with Kogan Coaching to support business owners and their businesses move to the Next Level. Includes On-Line support and business community.

Ensure your business is built on a firm foundation

Learn to develop personal mental toughness

Develop a clear one-page business plan for expansion

Develop the Leader And the Business

Ongoing On-Line Support and Membership of our on-line Business Community.

Integral Life Centre Providing support for navigating personal growth and exploring the development of the healthy adult mind.  We provide resources for  Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Intelligence and explore models of human development.

Explore a better Work / Life Balance in a Complex World

A range of on-line and supported courses for individuals and teams.

Available August 2015

Life Coaching and Personal Support

Coaching Business Support Create a Team Learn On-Line
Emotional Intelligence for Individuals and Teams
Emotional Intelligence helps individuals in many aspects of life and is an important foundation to leadership, both of Self and of others.
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Understand models of Human Development and improve Communications
We provide training in many models of Human Development including Integral Thinking, Spiral Dynamics and Spiritual Intelligence.
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Skills for Navigating in a Complex World
We offer resources to face a modern world full of Complexity with Mindfulness and Personal Leadership
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Understanding the World View of Ourselves and that of Others.
We offer resources to help individuals and teams Self Manage and have more effective Communications with Others
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